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Marbella, Costa Rica

Costa Dorada Community

Above all else, Costa Dorada is a community-building project. As developers we can ensure that the dwellings are luxurious and efficient, that the beaches and surrounding nature are accessible and protected, and we can build in the amenities to support a community, but our goal is to create a Community in the most dynamic and inclusive spirit of the word, and that is how we will define our success.

Each and every one of us has our own vision of what a thriving, enriching Community looks like. To some, Community is social or entertaining; it’s happy hour, brunch with friends, help solving a problem and opportunities to express oneself. To others Community is about public service, civic involvement, or perhaps academic development. In truth, Community is all these things and so much more. Community is cultural, it’s physical, it’s intellectual—it’s about engaging in life with those around you. Community can be a lot of fun, and it can be challenging work, too.

Is a vibrant, healthy Community important in your life? Are you looking to be a part of, or invest in creating a thriving Community?  Are you interested in giving a portion of your energy, talent, and time to create a spirit of Community?

If these questions resonate within you, then we’d love for you to be a part of what we’re creating here at Costa Dorada.

Within the design and planning of Costa Dorada are intentional spaces for Community to thrive, including open parks, gardens, natural spaces, and dedicated buildings for communal use. There will also be significant investment in the arts, in education (formal and informal) and in preserving a healthy environment.

We are preparing a wonderful table for the Costa Dorada Community. The unique and personal things we will all bring to it will enhance your life in ways you have yet to imagine.

Business and Commerce Development

Vital to Costa Dorada’s long-term success is an active commercial and professional village within walking distance. Not only does this provide conveniences, services and necessities, but social and communal opportunities as well.

We are actively recruiting entrepreneurs, service professionals and forward thinkers to join this “live, work and play” community. Costa Dorada will ultimately be home to single-family homes, townhomes and condominiums—permanent residents and seasonal guests alike—and in preparation to serve this community, the commercial village is being designed and built to world-class standards.

If are looking for a place that can support your work/life balance, or you operate a business that would benefit an eco-resort community, we would love to hear from you!

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