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Safe, financially diversified, politically stable, education driven and environmentally mindful, these are just a few of the reasons Costa Rica receives worldwide admiration. It is welcoming and easily accessible, too, placing Costa Rica very high on the list of destinations for investors, retirees and vacationers alike.

Here’s a brief overview of some of the advantages that Costa Rica offers:

  • Safe & Stable Democracy

    Considered the most stable country in all of Latin America, Costa Rica is a constitutional democratic republic of 4,800,000 people that abolished its army in 1949, allocating the national defense budget to education and health care and allowing it to avoid military involvement in political affairs.

    Costa Rica’s population is highly educated and boasts a 97% literacy

    • Economy
      • Today, Costa Rica is one of the most attractive countries in the region for foreign investors. Starting in the late 1990s, Costa Rica became a hub for high tech-industries including microprocessors and medical equipment. Companies such as Intel, Microsoft, and Hewlett-Packard began to invest heavily in the nation, shifting the country’s exports away from traditional agricultural commodities and making Costa Rica the largest per capita software exporter in the region.
      • Costa Rica, with its massive biodiversity, is host to some of the world’s most breathtaking natural attractions making Costa Rica Central America’s most visited country. As a pioneer in ecotourism, Costa Rican tourism is poised to continue being a strong driving force behind the country’s successful economic development.

    • Fee Simple property rights
      • Foreigners are permitted to own property outright in Costa Rica (with exception of the beachfront) and have the same property rights as Costa Ricans. Private property is protected by the Constitution of Costa Rica. It is no different than owning real estate in the US or Europe.

    • Health Care
      • Costa Rica provides universal health care to its citizens and permanent residents.  Statistics from the World Health Organization frequently place Costa Rica in the top country rankings in the world for long life expectancy. In addition, the UN (United Nations) has ranked Costa Rica’s public health system within the top 20 worldwide and the number 1 in Latin America. In January 2017, CNBC ran this article ranking Costa Rica as having the 2nd best health care in the world.
      • Costa Rica has gained worldwide recognition as a medical tourism destination due to its high quality and affordable health care. Today, Costa Rica is one of the most reliable, affordable and efficient countries for medical procedures. The number of medical tourists in Costa Rica is expected to continue rising.

    • Eco-friendly & bio-diverse
      • In 2016 Costa Rica generated over 95% of its energy from renewable sources. Over 25% of the land has been turned into protective parks and reserves, while over 50% of the country is rainforest.
      • Costa Rica is one of the most bio and environmentally diverse countries on the planet; cloud forests and volcanoes are only a few hours’ drive from tropical beaches and lowland rainforest. Costa Rica accounts for only 0.03 percent of the earth’s surface, however it contains nearly 6 percent of the world’s biodiversity.  It is home to 27 national parks, which are a safe harbor for over 75% of the country’s flora and fauna, guaranteeing the survival and proliferation of Costa Rica’s diverse wildlife.

    • Quality of life/Cost of living
      • Costa Rica boasts one of the highest standards of living in Latin America. Costa Ricans, who are also known as ticos, are considered some of the happiest and friendliest people on the planet. They are welcoming to visitors, but are also are very proud of their country and culture and the “Pura Vida” lifestyle.
      • The dollar is strong in Costa Rica, and has seen a steady rise every year against the colon, Costa Rica’s currency, making this a great country in which to stretch your income or pension dollars. Living basics, like real estate and utilities, are quite economical and utilities are a fraction of their North American counterpart
      • Costa Rica has an average temperature of 70-81 degrees, year round!

    • Accessibility
      • Costa Rica is a 5-6 hour direct flight from Los Angeles, and a valid passport with a return ticket is all that’s needed to enter the country without a visa

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