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Costa Dorada Marbella. A Live, Work, Play Community

Costa Dorada Marbella

The Vision

Costa Dorada is located within the small coastal town of Marbella (“Beautiful Sea”) on the Nicoya Peninsula in the province of Guanacasta. Marbella is home to four unique and pristine beaches, ideal for surfing, snorkeling, swimming and fishing. Access to this paradise on the Pacific Ocean is delightfully convenient via a scenic 60-mile drive from Liberia International Airport (LIR), which offers non-stop service to many major hubs.

Costa Dorado is an eco-resort development that embodies a philosophy of respect, preservation and support of the native culture, arts and way of life.  Its building and construction practices are strictly measured to be protective of the surrounding lush valleys, creeks, and unspoiled beaches.

It has been thoughtfully planned and designed to sustain all the aspects of a fulfilling life… from social and cultural events, to entertainment and education,  Costa Dorada is integrally and wonderfully linked to the land and its people.

The Location

Life is in harmony in Costa Rica. Living in year-round warmth, surrounded by vibrant tropical landscape, there is balance, wellbeing and vitality. With intimate proximity to pristine beaches along the Pacific Ocean, one can’t help but feel connected to the pulse of the tides and the strength it possesses.

Within Costa Rica resides an extraordinary blooming community called Costa Dorada. It is an active, healthy, safe haven thoughtfully developed by families intent on preserving the exquisite ecology and also the radiant culture of the people of Costa Rica. Costa Dorada brings together the surrounding natural environment and gently incorporates beautiful homes within it, using sustainable practices and technology.

Costa Dorada Marbella Beach Club

The Village Community

Above all else, Costa Dorada is a community-building project. As developers we can ensure that the dwellings are luxurious and efficient, that the beaches and surrounding nature are accessible and protected, and we can build in the amenities to support a community, but our goal is to create a Community in the most dynamic and inclusive spirit of the word, and that is how we will define our success.

Each and every one of us has our own vision of what a thriving, enriching Community looks like. To some, Community is social or entertaining; it’s happy hour, brunch with friends, help solving a problem and opportunities to express oneself. To others Community is about public service, civic involvement, or perhaps academic development. In truth, Community is all these things and so much more. Community is cultural, it’s physical, it’s intellectual—it’s about engaging in life with those around you. Community can be a lot of fun, and it can be challenging work, too.

The Master Plan

Las Colinas is the premier and very first subdivision to be developed in Costa Dorada. In total, seven zones will be carefully and organically established over the upcoming years. The whole of Costa Dorada will in time become a “community of communities.”

Las Colinas is the flagship subdivision for a number of reasons, including its prime location closest to the beach and village. Equally as important, however, will be the Las Colinas residents themselves who will play a guiding role in leading the vision of Costa Dorada forward. It is the pinnacle hope and goal of the Costa Dorada developers to foster a community filled with families dedicated to creating a way of life that is truly unique, enriching and extraordinary.

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