Start a Business in Costa Dorada


Vital to Costa Dorada’s long-term success is an active commercial and professional village within walking distance. Not only does this provide conveniences, services and necessities, but social and communal opportunities as well.

We are actively recruiting entrepreneurs, service professionals and forward thinkers to join this “live, work and play” community. Costa Dorada will ultimately be home to single-family homes, townhomes and condominiums—permanent residents and seasonal guests alike—and in preparation to serve this community, the commercial village is being designed and built to world-class standards.

Local employment opportunities created by Costa Dorada will have a profound impact on the economic well-being of the townspeople and the region by providing job training and financial support for local entrepreneurs, as well as support for indigenous cultural activities including music, dance and art.

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Real Estate

The commercial component of Costa Dorada will be a public walking village. By employing a holistic approach to its design and development, Costa Dorada has the potential to become an iconic project, recognized for its sustainable and financial success. If you want to contribute, tell us about your business idea, your experience, and why you think it would add value to the Costa Dorada community. Contact us.