Marbella Beach

Guanacaste, Costa Rica

In Marbella you will find a true sense of peace, harmony and tranquility that cannot be described until you experience it for yourself. The people of Costa Rica are truly the most magnificent individuals I have ever met. Very kind and super friendly people with warm welcoming hearts. I am greeted daily with a handshake and always a big smile! There is a genuine love between the natives and myself. For this reason, I am here. The Costa Rican lifestyle is best described as “Pura Vida” which means the pure life.” Jeff Allen, Marbella resident since 2002

A truly beautiful beach, filled with nature

Marbella is a peaceful farming community of cattle and crops such as Corn, rice and beans. The people of Marbella love and enjoy living the simple life with their families. The people who have been in this paradise have  gained a priceless quality of life and tend to live much longer. Marbella is the center of the Famous Blue Zone were people in general live longer healthier lives. 

Enjoy walking down the beach in the mornings to watch the sunrise. As well as a nice drink at your neighborhood friendly staffed Tiki Hut Bar and Restaurant. Relax and hang out with the locals or just be alone for peaceful relaxing moments that no other place on earth has to offer. 

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