at Costa Dorada, Costa Rica

We are delighted and encouraged that many of the questions we receive are about sustainable practices. That’s wonderful! The beauty and health of Marbella—this includes the health and wellbeing of the ocean, the land, and its residents, too—are our highest priorities. It is the foundation on which all our effort stands. For over a decade we have studied and planned and worked within the larger Marbella community, because without the community support, input and guidance, Costa Dorada would fall far short of its potential.


One of the most common questions we are asked is about fresh water, specifically, is there an adequate permitted supply? There have been reports of communities experiencing water shortages due to inadequate supply, poorly planned or faulty infrastructure, and illegal tapping of water sources.

To support the water needs of Costa Dorada we have gone beyond taking adequate measures. We have secured groundwater through two separate, registered wells. Each water well individually has the capacity to supply the needs of the entire, completed Costa Dorada development.

In addition to having its own dedicated water supply, for the purpose of preservation and efficiency, the structures of Costa Dorada will be recommended to be equipped with water collection systems.


At each step of the development of Costa Dorada the health of the environment is taken into account. A distinct advantage we have is that we have started from a clean sheet and are setting high efficiency standards from the ground up. This includes:

  • Solar energy capture for housing and the common areas
  • A bike/walk-friendly environment with sidewalks and trails
  • Local, organic food sources
  • Support for small electric vehicles
  • Rainwater catch collection for residences

Costa Dorada is also having a positive impact on the local economy and community of Marbella. Not only is employment opportunities increasing, we are also encouraging entrepreneurship by offering low-interest micro loans to Marbella residents. By keeping our resources nearby and efficient we are minimizing waste and wasted time and energy.

Sustainability and environmental consciousness is a part of everyday living in Costa Dorada. We don’t see this as a hardship, but rather it is a challenge, an opportunity, and an activity to enjoy together as a community!